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If you want to improve your kid’s Calculation skills in just 48 Hours and want to see them to do calculation faster than calculator. Let’s us introduce Abacus education which is perform by Abacus tool and it is use to solve Addition, subtraction, Multiplication and Division. In Abacus Education with the help of Photographic Memory student can do Calculation faster than calculator.

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Years Of Experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in nourishing minds

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There are more than 50 Franchisee and 100 Top  Tutors teaching your kids

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We have trained more than 3500 students in India and the numbers are increasing


Since 2009

Vedic Maths N Abacus has vast experience in developing skills among hundreds of thousands of children Internationally and across India. Our programs teaches skill management techniques that activate the infinite hidden potential of your kids brain and its effective use. 

Our program is specifically designed for children of 5 to 13 age group. Children acquire skills for lifetime which makes them apply the knowledge in all areas throughout their life.


Improves Concentration

While the child learns how to use an abacus and carry out simple mathematical operations, the child is also learning to drown out any distraction around them.

Improves Observation

With the help of flashcard training a mental training techniques a children learning Abacus for math can start processing numbers with just one glance.

Memory Strengthening

By continuous practice, a child’s ability to memorize something they see improves and can even lead to it becoming a photographic memory.

Enhances Gross Motor Skills

While the improving brain function, one of the major benefits of abacus is to stimulate sensory organs that result in overall development for the child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abacus is an ancient calculating device that was invented for the sole purpose of doing higher calculations. In ancient times when calculators were not there, people used fingers for counting. This method had its limitations and was not usable for higher calculations. This lead to the discovery of an instrument that used beads for doing calculations and thus came into existence the tool Abacus.
It is imperative to understand that math is only a tool in abacus learning and math improvement is only one of the many benefits of this wonderful program. The abacus primarily is a complete brain development program that simultaneously activates both left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain. Predominantly only one part or hemisphere of the human brain is more active which in 90% of cases is the left one. The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, concentration, recall, and photographic memory. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, numbers, and calculation. On activation of both the parts, a child gets excellent calculating skills and number sense along with improved concentration, photographic memory, recall, and listening ability. Thus a child doing abacus not only shows improvement in mathematics but also excellence in all the subjects.

Abacus is a frame having rods and beads. Every bead has a certain value and calculations are done by moving the beads on rods. There are certain formulas that have to be implemented for doing calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Although invented with the objective of doing calculations, the abacus since the last three decades is widely used as a math improvement and complete brain development tool for kids.

Earlier, teaching abacus to kids at home was a big challenge as it was practically very difficult to take classes on video conferencing and making the kids practice on workbooks. Checking classwork and homework, taking exams and evaluating students and at the same time making the classes interesting and engaging for kids was a real uphill task. With the introduction of the E-learning platform by Mastermind Abacus, the scenario has completely changed. The interactive portal of Mastermind Abacus having an integrated screen of video conferencing with content video ensures excellent learning of kids without any workbooks. The entire practice is in form of game exercises which makes learning a fun-filled experience for kids. Online exams and evaluation, digital classwork, and homework make the Mastermind E-learning platform the best choice for teaching abacus to kids from the convenience of their homes.

To understand abacus mental math and its benefits, we have to first know what Abacus and mental math is.
Mental math is the technique of doing calculations mentally without using any pen paper or calculator. Kids who have done abacus courses up to certain levels are able to visualize the abacus instrument and do long calculations mentally with astonishing speed.
Abacus is an ancient calculating instrument that was primarily invented for doing calculations. About thirty years back it was discovered that this simple calculating instrument can be an important brain development tool for kids between 6 to 14 years of age. The human brain can be considered to be divided into two parts or hemispheres. The left or logical brain and the right or creative brain. Different responsibilities have been assigned to both parts of the human brain. While the left or logical brain is responsible for logic, numbers, calculations, and identification of black & white colors, the right or creative brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, concentration, recall & photographic memory. Abacus works on the principle of simultaneously activating both the hemispheres of a child’s brain resulting in improved concentration, listening ability, photographic memory, recall, mental calculating skill, and overall performance. As a result of this, the child performs better in all the subjects.

The entire program of Mastermind Abacus is of eight levels. The classes are conducted once a week for two hours. Each level gets completed in Three Months and the duration of the entire program is of two years.

Mastermind Abacus E-Learning platform is a unique, first and only online abacus class available in the world for learning Abacus online through integrated hybrid screens of learning videos and class conduction through video conferencing. In this program, the students get the feel of live learning through the video conferencing screen in which they can interact with the teacher and at the same time the entire abacus lessons are taught through high definition videos. The students do not require any books for practice as the same can be done through game exercises that enable practice with fun. Tools like virtual abacus ensure better understanding and hassle-free learning and make this online learning platform even more effective and interesting when compared to live classes.

Till the launch of the Live Abacus E-Learning Platform, Mastermind Abacus was only having the option of Abacus institutes that provided physical classes which are conducted at our 2000 plus Mastermind Abacus franchisee centers worldwide. With the launch of this unique Abacus E-Learning Platform, we have given the option to the students to learn abacus from the convenience of their home. Thus now we have both the options of learning available for our students. Those who want to take physical classes can have the same at our centers and those who wish to learn online from their home can go for the E-Learning platform. The student can opt for any of the modes through which they want to learn.

Since we give Abacus training online, we have also made sure that practice sheets are uploaded on the student’s panel. You can download and get these printed. You can guide your children to practice at home with these. We also provide a Parent’s Handbook which is specifically created for the parents to help their children to practice at home. Also, contacting the trainer for any help is always an available option.

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