Vedic Maths &Abacus

the vision

from the beginning

Our vision is to grow nationally with continuous research & development and introducing high class programme and training, keeping in mind the children of the Nation and building up relations with its business partners, franchises, employees etc.

Overview And Experience

One who has confidence, has power to do things with great results. Students gain lot of confidence when they learn abacus with our specially designed programs. Reason being, when they do calculation with great speed and accuracy in school, they get appreciated. This appreciation boosts great confidence in them. They get motivated to do better in all fields.

failure is not an option

The best way to make your child master in calculation, more self-confident and focused. Our program for kids is very engaging, easy to grasp, effortless and shows results in the very first month.

Our mission is to reach to a maximum number of kids, train them to create a strong foundation for mathematics through abacus for our children with efficiency and accuracy.

the key to success

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone knows that to get great result in studies focus is mandatory. More the concentration, better are the results. Concentration power doesn’t come automatically, this needs to be developed over a period of time. Abacus exercises help a lot in this regard. Students not only become fluent in mathematical calculation but also improve their concentration power which helps them to do better in all the subjects.



Our Abacus training programs are designed for children between 6 and 14 years of age. Through the years, we have constantly incorporated the best practices and refined the curriculum as well as our training methods.

We help your kids gain at-most concentration level helping them not only learn abacus bit as well as gain skills like photographic memory, improved computation skills , Competitive edge over peers in exams such as Math Olympiads and IITs and much more.